20 Work-at-Home Jobs That Don’t Require Being on the Phone

Work from home jobs that dont require talking on the phone, read vipkid...

Before you start digging through the companies below, you may want to read this post about what general transcription involves and this post about the equipment transcribers use. Another option is to work for yourself as a bookkeeper.

List of + Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs - (Legit & Researched!)

You can check out this free webinar to see if general proofreading would be the route for you. If you have a keen eye for catching grammatical and spelling errors in transcripts or books then this might be the best home job for you. It is one of the best non-phone work from home jobs.

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In this role, you'll curate a set number of clothing items and accessories based on the client's personal fashion profile. Must have a bachelor's degree. Get paid once a month with Paypal or direct deposit. You get to choose your rate. Get paid once a month via check or wire transfer.

List of + Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs. Work at Home Jobs

Proofreading Jobs from Home Proofreader Proofreading jobs from home: Yup — If you are a math, chemistry, or physics expert, you can get paid to tutor on your own schedule and earn money with Yup. Read VIPKid review here.

Here's a helpful resource to help you learn how that works!

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It's been recently updated for ! Smarthinking — Open to US and other countries, but you must have a US bank account regardless of where you live. Payments made weekly copy and paste jobs from home without investment in bangalore work from home jobs in nys or Paypal.

They may pay weekly via Paypal.

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Interested in becoming a proofreader? Click here for more legitimate paid survey sites. I would recommend doing more than one of these if you really want to make it worth your while. See more ESL tutoring sites with open jobs here.

Work at home jobs that do not require a land line phone

This could be for a range of companies, from media websites, to marketing firms, to individual clients and even blogs. Fortunately, you do have lots of options!

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Get paid every two weeks. They offer a 7-day intro course free so you can decide if that line of work is right for you before you pursue the training. Lithium — Read Review — Has occasional openings for remote social media moderators.

Fiverr is the best place to find non-phone SEO jobs. Shutterstock — This company hires image reviewers to work from home in the following countries: Pay is between 3 and 8 cents per world translated.

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Pay varies depending on the types of tasks you're completing. Below is a list of the companies I've reviewed on this site that have occasion openings for work at home chat agents. Get paid daily via Paypal. Just Looking For Extra Cash? Cactus — Read Cactus Review — They offer highly specialized freelance editing work regularly.

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Get paid weekly with Paypal. Very exclusive. Contract jobs that will require a degree in a related field. You can sell the images for Instagram and can earn from home.

SEO specialists work from home by analyzing, testing, reviewing and implementing effective changes to websites and blogs for higher Google ranking and better UX or user experience.

No landline is needed. I've kept each summary brief, but made an effort to include who can apply, pay rate, and how and when these companies pay where that info is available.

Best 11 Online Work at Home Jobs that Don’t Require Being on the Phone

No experience needed. Pay is per piece.

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Pay is every other week on Tuesdays via Dwolla. February 22nd, by Lashay. You get to proofread and edit e-books, legal documents, web content and other written materials. Translation As a translator, you would be converting one language into another language via either spoken word, written word, or audio.

Get paid once a month with check or direct deposit.

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Freelance Writing Freelance writing is one of the most flexible of the non-phone options, and it's an easy field to break into without any experience at all! Then think about working as the real time forex data for amibroker researcher.

Search Engine Evaluation Most companies that hire for search engine evaluation have multiple projects available to work on, so the exact work you do might vary.

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Lionbridge — Lionbridge also recruits search engine evaluators to work from home. Getty Images Allison Joyce 2. Voice recording Voice recording is also among the work from home no landline needed jobs and you can record voice for youtube videos etc and earn a lot of money.

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Get paid every two weeks with Paypal. Do you have excellent written communication skills? It contains a list of over companies that regularly hire as well as step-by-step instructions to find hundreds of jobs on your own.

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Measurement, Inc. Sell pictures for Instagram Instagram is a social media platform where people use images to sell products and to make image of brand. Get paid once a what is a legit way to make money online via Paypal. Search Engine Evaluation Websites like Google and Bing need to make sure their search engines are providing the most accurate results, and you can help test for that.

This will help you to understand if you're a good fit for a transcription career, what you can potentially earn, and also where to get started. This involves summarizing news stories to go out in industry newsletters. This is also an industry that can pay well, especially if you forgo content sites such as the ones below and work on finding private clients that will agree to the rates you set.

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Get paid every other week via mailed check. In these positions, you'll oversee forums, online groups, and social media accounts to ensure that rules are being followed, questions are being answered, and spam and junk content are being removed.

Pay depends on your star rating when you apply. There are very few other details provided. Freelance consulting jobs are becoming so popular.

forex calendar nse work from home jobs that dont require talking on the phone

Transcription Transcribing involves listening to an audio file and typing up what you hear. While the earning potential isn't usually as high as it is with court transcript proofreading, there is a shorter learning curve.

This is in many ways comparable to data entry because a lot of the tasks will involve typing.

11 Online Jobs that Don't Require Being on the Phone

Weird Non-phone Work from Home Jobs: There are a few reputable companies that do hire home-based workers to score everything from standardized tests to essays. As a social media manageryou'll be managing companies' social media accounts, curating content, and providing customer service online.

You can see more companies hiring remote virtual assistants here.

Looking for work from home jobs that don't involve the use of a phone? Almost everyone has a skill or three they could put to work to earn money as a virtual assistant. Get paid twice monthly via check or direct deposit.

Work-From-Home Jobs That Don’t Require Talking On The Phone

Are forex markets open today, Etc. They pay monthly via check or direct deposit. Get paid daily or weekly.

20 Work-at-Home Jobs That Don’t Require Being on the Phone