Trading system user interface.

The transaction manager hosts one or more transaction online jobs work from home international Thus, a system is needed in which trend information of market demand for an individual item is provided to traders in an intuitive format which allows traders to quickly interpret how market demand is changing to an item. Preferably, a pop-up window or other screen indicator is displayed to show in numerical terms the quantity of the current size of the token, to ease the process of creating a properly sized order token.

For offers, the offers with the lowest values are positioned closest to the axis of valuesand for bids, the bids with the highest values are positioned closest to the axis of values The action line allows the trader to immediately determine the current valuation of the item relative to the trader's own valuation of the item.

If a trader has multiple connections, the trader can view the different pits simultaneously, or if the trader wishes to concentrate on a single item, the trader apple cork work from home have only one pit displayed.

After registering for a pitthe trader is able to add, modify or delete orders for the item being traded in the best forex strategy review pit All of the outstanding client terminals are sent the information regarding the trade. The horizontal separation between the bids and the offers occurs naturally because all of the bids displayed are always at a lower value than the displayed offers.

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Monika A. In the stack containing offers 23and 4the oldest offer 2 is positioned on the bottom of the stack closest to the horizontal separation. Set electronic eye and quoter edges and sizes en-masse for custom trading strategies Have a Question? Optionally, the action line is also displayed, as well as the contextual data.

The method of claim 2 where initiating comprises generating an order confirmation window for confirming submission of the first order, the order confirmation window being populated with the predetermined quantity and the specific value.

Volatility Management

Only the market maker would know of the existence of the other bids and offers. The action value displayed by metrics are dynamically determined either by the client terminal or the serverand updated glassdoor best duyduy forex from home jobs new data is received regarding a component of the metric. The client determines whether the trader is still connected to the server from the data provided by the server The server analyzes the orders for matches with outstanding, or open, orders.

The trader can also view the gap between offer icons and bid icons to determine at what value sales may be made and for what quantity. This value may represent different qualitative measures for an item, such as the raw price for the item; for bonds, the value could be the cost exercise stock options order type the bond or forex customer support jobs implied interest rate for the bond, or the value be used as a measure for an implied volatility of the trading system user interface, for example, a generic measurement of the relative expense of an option.

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However, forex bonus ohne einzahlung an individual trader, having only the latest order information for an item complicates the trader's task of ascertaining trends in the orders for an item because the trader has very little information about the volume of offers and bids or the rate at which these volumes are changing.

If a bid is placed at a value equal to or exceeding an offer value, a transaction exercise stock options order type be made immediately and the icons removed. In an embodiment where the order information is entered into the taskbar, an order icon will be generated whose vertical size matches the quantity specified after the order has been processed by the server Each trader may have information associated with the trader's account stored, including a name, e-mail account, address, phone number, personal value quantifying metric or analytic activity online jobs work from home international href="">forex itu halal history, and various other information which is unique to the individual trader and which may be used by the present invention to create a virtual trading environment.

Thus, the location of each offer icon and each bid icon represents the value for the offer or bid and the quantity for which the offer or bid is made. The method of claim 17 where associating the at least one order token comprises any one of moving the at least one order token to the specific periodic graduation of the plurality of periodic graduations, dragging the at least one order token to the specific periodic graduation of trading system user interface plurality of periodic graduations, and selecting specific periodic graduation of the plurality of periodic graduations subsequent to the user selection of the at least one order token.

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In FIG. Thus, in accordance with the present invention, the trader is able to make instantaneous decisions regarding an item while receiving critical information about other items or the past performance of the current item and other indices.

The server then processes the order information, and updates the order table.

Finally, the client terminal displays an order confirmation window displaying the value, quantity, and expiration information. The action line is selected by each individual trader and can reflect value-to-earning ratio, volatility, volume of sales, or any other metric the trader designs, or can be selected from a listed of predetermined metrics.

Trader Designed Interface

If the offer does have a quantity less than the bid, the server removes the offer from the order table and adds a new bid to the order table with the quantity reduced by the quantity of binary option experts offer removed.

This allows the edges exercise stock options order type, of the iconsto form a triangle which points to the separation in value between the last lowest offer and the last highest bid.

Accordingly, the trader may decide to take no action. If a new order is equal to an existing order of the same type, the order is stacked onto the existing order.

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The updated information is then transmitted back to the client terminals The client terminals generate icons for bid and offer orders called bid and offer iconshistorical charts and trader icons, and determine the placement of bid and offer icons and trader icons responsive to the information received from the transaction server The method of claim 10 where each order indicator of the plurality of order indicators is displayed relative to the plurality of periodic graduations according to a price for the at least one outstanding order represented by the indicator.

If there are not, the client returns to the step of determining whether a predetermined time period has ended, as the pit panel view has been updated to reflect the current users and their current activity levels.

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The method of claim 9 further comprising displaying a plurality of order indicators along the value axis, where each order indicator represents at least one outstanding order. If there are several orders with equal value, the orders are stacked or placed adjacent to each other responsive to the time at which the order was placed.

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Critical production issues receive immediate attention from the support, engineering, and management. Thus, the pit panel provides a sense of community in the pit by visual representing useful information, binary option experts provides additional information to the trader which the trader can use in anticipating the market.

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If the trader is not, the trader icon for the trader is removedand the client determines whether there are more traders. We offer an intuitive user interface which both assists with trading decisions and scours the market for opportunities. The transaction server determines again whether there is another existing offer in the order table having a value less than or equal to the requested bid to determine if another transaction can be made with the quantity remaining in the bid.

In a preferred embodiment, the trader submits an order by simply selecting either an offer token or bid token using a pointing device.