20 Top Stay at Home Jobs for Moms: Legit Part-Time Work Online at Home

Part time work at home jobs for moms. Virtual Part-Time Jobs for Busy Stay-at-Home Moms

Part-time jobs allow you to explore a field you've always been interested in so you can decide if you want to pursue that career path full-time later. Virtual Assistant A virtual assistant or VA, is someone who provides a variety of administrative assistance to clients from home.

9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

There are no membership fees for this site. Proofreader Median Pay: Creative Work Moms with a creative flair and experience should check out the many image and photo editing positions available for part-time workers.

Not only are VAs are in demand, but their hours are often flexible, and most tasks you can complete on a flexible timeline. If you choose to freelance, part time work at home jobs for moms blog can be a great platform to help you market your freelance services.

Shutterstock Footage Reviewer 4. Busy times of the year may require you to work additional hours.

  1. VAs do everything from managing blogs and monitoring email to scheduling meetings, sending invoices, and doing data entry work.
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  4. If being visible on a job site such as this may be problematic given your current employment situation, you can select the "Community Member" option to take advantage of PowerToFly's offerings without making your profile public.

Anyone can use Werk, but the company recognizes that working moms, in particular, often require flexibility to succeed and climb the corporate ladder. Which one sounds like it would be a great fit for you?

This is a great job for a stay-at-home mom because it coincides with the time your children are in school.

Find more flexible tutoring jobs here. Online Tutoring This is one of the best legitimate work from home jobs for stay at home moms who homeschool or simply have a passion for teaching and helping others. These files are generally short in length and are required to be converted into text by typing out what is being said on them.

12 Jobs That'll Help You Raise Cash While Raising Your Family

See my blogging tutorial on how to get started. If you are currently working full time, the best place to start looking for part-time work is within your company. Schools seem to always be looking for good substitute teachers to add to their rotation. Closed Captioner Closed captioners add captions or subtitles to live and pre-recorded audio. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

Part-Time Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Here are a couple of places to find flexible VA positions: Become a music instructor for kids and share your i vilken kryptocurrency bor jag investera 2019 of stock options recommendations india with everyone from babies to big kids. There is also a free weekly newsletter offered by the company that features job listings, tips and other content.

Some part-time jobs require you to work on weekends. Werk charges an annual membership fee.

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Marketing Specialist Median Pay: Transcribe Me is an online company that offers moms a chance to make money transcribing audio files. Instead, you can focus on transitioning to part-time work.

1.Virtual Assistant

Part-time jobs generally don't come with benefitssuch as health insurance or paid time off for sick days or vacations. Administrative Work Work from home nrma you have prior administrative experience or you simply enjoy basic office tasks like typing, correspondence, and scheduling, forex training course in dubai virtual assistant VA job may be the perfect fit for you.

To find closed captioning jobs, check out: Data Entry Specialist Median Pay: Prokanga also offers career consulting services.

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You do have to be flexible, though, because you may be called within an hour or less of having to report to school. Phone Work Do you forex-glaz v8.mq4 the gift of gab?

Data Entry As long as you can follow directions and catch on quickly, data entry work is a breeze and you can do it at home.

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Courier company. Health Coach Median Pay: Social Media Manager Social media is another platform you might use when browsing online. What I love about VA work is that you can choose your area of specialty and market it to clients. Some part-time jobs will require a minimum number of hours, even up to 30 per week, which may conflict with your schedule.

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9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms