63 Top Forex Twitter Accounts

Forex tips twitter, his musings...

His musing about market sentiment are very interesting.

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Also, I enjoy following and interacting with a lot of you who tweet a lot about personal stuff, which is perfectly fine, but I wanted to keep this list limited to people whose tweets and conversations are mostly forex-centered.

This study showed that peak Twitter volumes around news events affected the value of a stock. Follow us here to stay on top of the freshest and most relevant currency trading news handpicked by forex traders! BlackmanCapital — Jeffery Blackman is risk-averse private trading firm and system designer that swing trades forex and U.

Follow Renato here. She provides many educational forex tips twitter and interacts with the followers.

1. @FXstreetNews

I tweet, and back to the markets. That right there is the second best reason, using Twitter in Forex trading delivers instant access, second by second. JoelKruger — Joel Kruger is a former currency strategist turned full time trader.

In the past, an investor would have to acquire the daily newspaper just to find out if there was any important information. Also tweets about other things.

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Follow us here to get the latest questions and answers made by forex traders just like yourself! JoelKruger — Joel Kruger is a former currency strategist turned full time trader. Follow Lean here.

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Renato Santos is a full-time Futures and FX trader. Great traders understand diff between looking for a trade and seeing the trade.

63 Top Forex Twitter Accounts | Forex Crunch

Now, social media is more valuta forex pund as traders forego conventional news channels. Forex trading requires knowledge of current affairs, and fortunately there are now so many avenues for this.

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His account keeps you up with his trades, and more. Tom has a few systems split between higher time frame swing trading and short-term scalping and his trade ideas in the currency markets are widely followed and applauded. Feel free to interact with me here, as I try to reply to everyone! Follow Sara here.

Founder Yohay Elam is a good guy and brings you the best in Forex news and opinion every week. His tweets include commentary and specific trades mixed in with personal tweets, making him a great, genuine user to follow. Following traders on Twitter can be a learn to trade binary options way for new traders to learn about how professional traders approach the market as well as gleaning useful insights from the regular market commentary.

It might sound stupid at first we thought so, toobut it really gets addicting!

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Her tweets include currency trading with a mixture of other interesting, motivational, and personal tweets. If you are using specific software or like a certain company, you should be able to find their Twitter accounts pretty easily via the Find People tool.

His musings are up to date and very amusing. He is very active and responsive on Twitter.

His primary focus is forex and equities. LeapRate — Leap Rate is a good source for forex industry news.

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While not forex-specific, the tweeter behind the account does a great job of interacting with the community and provides economic and financial news from various sources. It simply means that Twitter Sentiment has to be reliable to have cigna insurance work at home a high success rate.

A nice mix of charts, technical analysis and correlations between markets. His charts are very useful. People who "follow" your account will see your messages and you can also reply back and forth. When using Twitter in Forex trading, keep in mind these tips to avoid losses: His views on the markets, levels of various currency pairs and interaction with traders makes him one of the best forex twitter users.

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