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Forex factory vegas tunnel. Vegas 4 hour Tunnel mods @ Forex Factory

Member Posts Btw. Member Posts Quoting twoblink Disliked I was thinking, if Vegas gives 3 "strike targets" for exit on his 4 hour tunnel, would it make more sense addage "Let your profits run" to trade with 4 units, so when all 3 targets binary options trading returns reached and exited, you still have one more that is running "Free Willy" to the ends of the earth until the trend is exhausted?


Now 0. Please use my 1 hour tunnel template that is attached so you can also check visually. Member 59 Posts I made this system for a joke over a year ago when i realised everything the "real" vegas system implied the opposite happend! All indicator values are applied to Close. To compare results, try any other demo account on another platform.

Have you done any backtesting on your method?

Thanks everyone for input. So if ema is 1. Member 55 Posts Bolt Thank you for sharing. Its not Teodosi's Moving average tunnel, its Sidus Moving average tunnel.

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Member Posts To maison: It doesnt suffer from tunnel losses not in the same way anyway becuase the tunnel is used for TP during rangebound and hard forex charges sbi or TP when trending.

I think backtesting is very important when one wants to evaluate any method. Hi, I just started testing this strategy with a few pairs. You can draw tunnel on chart by yourself, or I can attach my 1 hour tunnel template if anyone is interested. In other words any whipsaw on a lower tf would be reflected on all the tfs above it.

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I just come to give you some tips of how to use any system. That's when you start getting into the deep water. Joined Nov Status: I thought I'd give this a try since I use to trade the vegas system a while back. Other times it makes an additional loss cos the market just simply went stop hunting but there is no way to know what will happen next. There's gotta be some catch.

I'm not sure why it didn't take profit at certain levels like it does when using strategy tester, but I'll leave the trade open for a while until I figure it out. Little confused please explain. Dcb bank forex card to see you forex factory vegas tunnel still around and coming up with great ideas. Often price returns just as quick thus collecting a very fast profit. Personally, I haven't had courage so far to run EA on real account, I just think one can better execute method manually.

There are two amazing things with this system that has created pain and suffering for years with the old vegas. Or am I missing something? May 13, But EA should have closed at fib lines. Hi I am new to this forex. Let us know live trading forex room it works out.

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So far it resulted in two trades. Just was wondering if anybody else has. This is pretty simple and good strategy. Joined Pannelli forex milano Status: Hi Mr Teodosi I am a newby of forex trade, can i ask u ,what long and short mean? Later he introduced a ib forex4you of Tunnel method in which RVI was used for filtration. It bought GU at 1.

For entry! It made some very nice profit on Tuesday when it hit 5 fibs in few hours. Its really gratefull for us also who are new to the forex. Is this a good signal or not? I don't see how chart will be helpful, EA doesn't draw anything on the screen.

Hello to all. To ChicagoRob: I do not believe in trading on a demo account so I am trying this on a live testing account I have. You can use it on the other majors but i tend to use it on euro you will have to change the fibo numbers in the indicator so the forex charges sbi "fits" the typical devation.

No doubt you will find your own rules for this system but i wouldnt make it too complicated or you will break it Attached Image Vegas Currency Daily. Any errors or notifications? Feb 28, 5: If you demo it first then the worst that can happen is you prove yourself wrong.

The fib numbers are 21, 34 and I finished EA last weekend and I'm running it on my demo account since Monday. Quoting twoblink Disliked I was thinking, if Vegas gives 3 "strike targets" for exit on his 4 hour tunnel, would it make more sense addage "Let your profits run" to trade with 4 units, so when all 3 targets are reached and exited, you still have one more that is running "Free Willy" to the ends of the earth until the trend is exhausted?

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Quite simply, dont assume anything just follow the rules. Also it opened long position because price got into tunnel but only by 2 or 3 pips, I changed EA so that price has to be in tunnel at least 5 pips to be considered valid.

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The code allows 5 pips deviation from current price when sending orders, maybe price was moving too fast and 5 pips deviation was not enough. But if you have data back more than 1st of July I would be very happy if you could run tester with it since january or even july of last year and post your results.

From some of the backtesting I see, if you exited all 3 positions, the 4H still climbed and climbed; my thought is, if you are going to let "profits run" would it make good sense to have at least 1 unit keep running if it still remains profitable and the exit signal has not been reached?? Forex charges sbi course every method should be also forward test for a reasonable period of time before used in real account.

This is trend following system and your works is to be with the trend. Ignored twoblink Joined May Status: If everything is set correctly, then I'm forex factory vegas tunnel sure why it's so on Trading Station. However any whipsaw spanish speaking job from home the 15m would also occur and take you out on the 1h or, indeed, on any time frame.

I have no idea what happens when broker requote price. For practical purposes especially around news time you need to add prior static orders on the fibs because sometimes a spike can go up though 2 or 3 fibs so fast you dont get time to place orders unless they are already setup.

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Now when the market goes up above the tunnel centre line past the 1st fibo we sell ONE lot. Attached File 1 Hour Tunnel. Member Posts Hi all. Good look to all of you!

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Member Posts Tunnel height is absolute value of difference between ema and ema. Thanks for the knowledge sharing in this website and i searched all the website in google everyone says all the words about forex how to trade and profit but not clear explanation as i am seeing in this website.

Attached Image. I forex charges sbi this EA only to backtest 1 hour tunnel with various setting.

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This forex factory vegas tunnel copes with both types of market and does quite a good job at both. I tried lot of demo and wasted with useless and unproper application of knowledge in forex. Dec 1, 7: Always look at the big picture where you at the big picture if you trade it 1 hr look what is the dominant trend on 4 hr for example.

Member 77 Posts I say go for it. First go upload the Vegas Currency Indicator attached. Member Posts Quote Disliked Nothing can be more detrimental to a good trading plan than nickel and diming yourself to death trying to squeeze pips. Of courseits a copy of Sidus method written by Nicholas moerman which was published in forex factory.

More later. Can you see anything in in Journal tab?


Maurice Submitted by asad on July 5, - Yes this is painful but sometimes this is a valid breakout and can run for over pips. This is true, but do you really consider what I am suggesting as nickel and diming??

The system known as triangular trade involved what countries

Teodosi says that whipsaws are a problem on the 15m tf.

Forex factory vegas tunnel